Just Being Listened To

Sometimes just being listened to makes all the difference. With a professional in a safe and confidential setting you can look at your current life from a broader perspective. It is possible with therapy to discover ways to let life feel easier and lighter, allowing you to find more moments of joy and satisfaction, more smiles.

What Do You Wish For?

What do you wish for? Where are you headed? Is this the direction you want? My approach is present-focused; past events are useful components for further unfolding understanding. Psychotherapy can be a privilege for those choosing to make it their priority for a richer life; it can be a necessity for those seriously hurting. Think of therapy as a part of one’s ongoing education, curiously opening you in new ways to possibilities sometimes only dreamed of.

The Explorer and Creator in You

The explorer and creator in you on this particular kind of adventure is called upon. You come for reasons all your own. You may need a psychologist’s help with clearly defined goals or, not knowing at first just what you want to strive for or what it will take to ease your emotional discomfort or pain, you may need assistance with articulating a hopeful direction so that the work can begin.

Stay With the Process

When you stay with the process for the length of time that is right for you, you will begin to see your world, yourself, and others in different and more personally-satisfying ways. If you are new at this, you may feel cautious or doubtful early in the process; that is to be expected. At times it can feel like hard work on your part, but by staying with it, you will most likely find the process a rewarding experience; that’s when you begin to notice that life is getting easier and funnier. You’ll find that you begin to just naturally take the right action when needed. The light of psychological development and personal awareness knows no bounds.